The world is on fire
Smoke from every corner
Shreds of hearts left in homelands
Running toward closed doors

Breathe out sorrow

What do we do in a time such as this?
A world increasingly cold, increasingly divided
Fear, extremism, ideology, hatred
How do we hold compassion and uncertainty with the same arms

Breathe out sorrow

Police killing black men, women, children
in every city
If you are relieved it isn’t you
it is you
it is all of us

Breathe out sorrow

Neighbor against neighbor, family against family
Hungry for more mine
Gobble what’s left because it’s going fast
fingers on triggers, tyranny for the hopeless

Living with misundestanding
days into weeks into months into years
Trying to explain a home that lives within us
all the while lost in a forest of fear

Breathe out sorrow

So much poverty
of souls
of compassion
of peace
of the kind of cash it takes to be allowed to speak

Can we breathe in love?
Can we breathe in for a world not driven by fear?

On the inhale
can we breathe in tolerance
Can we forgive
Can we keep open

Can we breathe in love
and make a choice that matters

Debbie Anne
(Photo via Pinterest)


The hole in my pocket
is where my dreams fell through
Threadbare from the endless twisting and turning
of hope, of hunger, of failure, of fear
Staring disapprovingly
at those splattered moments
at their feet
and mine
Clean up this mess, they whispered
with their lowered, judging eyes
Broken things are not welcome here
so patch up that leak
slap on a smile
or it may be time for your moving on
The fire in your belly frightens us
Your words speak too much truth
So sew up your pockets
and tighten up your lip
Dreams are for fools
and sticks are for whips
Pick up your dreams
tiny bit by tiny piece
Roll them around your fingers
and blow them to another town
But those with black and white vision
cannot see with the dreamers eyes
cannot feel with the faith that rattles
in the very depth and softness of their ribcage
Dreams don’t hang from pockets worn thin
They intoxicate the very air they encircle
They giggle at the fire in the dreamers veins
and blow kisses with the heat from their tongues
Dreams need only a breeze
carried on the backs of angels
Coming from time eternal on stars of gold
where they finally come to rest
on the hundreds of tiny feathers
that have become your wings
Debbie Anne
(Photo via Tumblr)


If I’m going to survive this world

I will need to lay my head in the lap of humanity

The eyes of the heart

I’m going to have to let in all those things that frighten




Diving deep into someone

my own Power


If I’m going to survive this world

I will need to sit among the trees

The ears of the world

I’m going to have to accept things that don’t come easy


True north

Being loved

The ability to stop time

Inevitable goodbyes


If I’m going to survive this world

I will need to sit beneath a sky full of stars

The glitter at the end of fingertips

I am going to have to remember the mystic that lives in me


Losing and finding

The rightness of rhythms

Hands for holding what hurts

Notes and the way they float over keys


If I’m going to survive this world

I will need the courage of one thousand warriors

Feet that walk softly decorated with feathers

I am going to have to inhale compassion, exhale it too


Paths and roadsides

Accidents and intentions

Chaos and visions

Waking and daring


I f I am going to survive this world

I will need to kneel and kiss the earth


It’s another moon
this time demanding you give up your hold on illusion
to your lover
to your paycheck
to your stability
to your transcendence
Wake up
While you slept
the world changed
Here we speak without honey on our tongues
Here we honor the light and its sister shadow
Here we rub death between our fingertips
and sink our feet deep into webs with voices
Rest easy sweet soul
The destruction has rebuilt you
Into Loves messenger

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debbiesloversMy silence
it seems she remains by my side
and tends to the words
You know the ones
The words that burn like acid
as they churn their way down to your heart
The ones shaped like the letters f and u
cutting the inside of your throat on the way to compassion
The words that never see daylight
So ugly and violent and sharp are they
The ones that stagger between your heart and your gut for eternity
And then you stop. you stop letting every rub distort you. you stop waving a moral compass as your truce. you stop crawling inside explanations
And from the other side of consequence
your heart starts to beat again
Acceptance loosens its grip on your lower self
and settles in
And without warning
My silence
is forgiveness without a parade
My silence says you are beautiful in your destruction and your rebirth
And again, without warning
my silence begins to break
From my pulsing pain
Out loud
Shaky like jello
My mouth is delighted to let the words fall out
You have taught me how to love
Debbie Anne
(Photo via Pinterest)

11209691_10206441048847622_5134890180475784516_nIf he were music
he would sound like piano keys over a weeping guitar
a pulsing rhythm, a deep bass and an open heart
If he were a story
he would be the tale of a spirit journey, of the medicine of awakening
beauty seen through the eyes of the ecstatic
If he were a taste
he would slide down like whiskey
the kind that is smooth and aged
the kind only gentlemen drink
He is a man from another time
the age from which men have lovely souls and calloused hands
roots running deep into the center of the earth
and into my veins
He is the harmony of the forest, the story of angels meeting devils, the drink that intoxicates
This man who ignites my flame
without burning me to ash

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